Facing your fears can be regarded as a little bit of fear that is common for every human being. However facing your fears can help us automatically to protect ourselves from harm. Our fears help us to recognize when we are about to do something dangerous and it also helps us to make the right or safer choices. But, you might find yourself fearful of things that are not actually dangerous such as public speaking. Consequently, your fear of public speaking might prevent you from advancing in your career or participating in other things you would like to pursue in life.

Does fear and anxiety keep you from dealing with unavoidable situations and emotions?

15 Tips for overcoming anxiety and phobias by facing your fears:
  1. Firstly, allow yourself to sit with your fear for 2-3 minutes at a time.
  2. Breathe with it and say, “It’s okay”.
  3. Have something nurturing planned immediately after your 2-3 minute sitting period is completed.
  4. Call a good friend waiting to hear from you.
  5. Do an activity you know is enjoyable and exciting. Write down the things you are grateful for.
  6. Look at the list when you feel you are in a bad place.
  7. Remind yourself that your anxiety is a storehouse of wisdom.
  8. Write a letter, “Dear Anxiety, I am no longer intimidated by you. What can you teach me?”
  9. Do some exercises so that your mind can only focus on one thing at a time.
  10. Whether you go on a short walk or head to the boxing gym for an all-out sweat session.
  11. Do a 15-minute yoga session at home (exercise is good for you and it will help you feel more capable).
  12. Use jokes to deflate your worst fears.
  13. Tell yourself during this difficult time, I don’t allow fear to keep me from doing something that scares me.
  14. Make yourself stronger, don’t allow the next fear attack to stop you from progression.
  15. Be your own best friend, don’t be afraid to try anything new.


If you find that your fear holds you back or creates bigger problems in your life, facing your fear may help you learn to better cope with the fear and ultimately overcome it. Common ways of facing your fears are evaluating the risks, creating an action plan, seeing a therapist, and being sure not to completely avoid your fears. However, you may need to first decide whether it’s necessary to face your fear if it is not part of your daily life.

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