Lack of attention

If one partner is not getting enough attention from their spouse it can cause a chain reaction and lead to bigger conflicts in the relationship. Lack of attention is the same as a lack of communication.

Lose connection

If you stop giving your partner the love and attention they deserve. You may lose a connection with your partner. You need to pay enough attention to your partner. A lack of attention in your relationship may make your partner numb in different ways. Your partner may no longer feel the need to bond with you. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what causes you not to pay attention to your partner, it isn’t not worth it!

Lack of self love

If your partner gets used to being ignored, there is a high possibility for them to lose their self-worth and self-esteem. However, your partner may be affected by your actions further! They may start thinking they are not getting enough attention in a relationship or maybe they are not worth it anymore.

Lack of intimacy

The more you ignore your partner the lesser the intimacy involved in your relationship. The reason may be because you no longer love them but you are afraid to hurt them or confront the truth or it could be they no longer seem beautiful to you! A lack of intimacy hurts and it slowly destroys your relationship.

Loosing hope

A person who has no attention from their partner is most likely to react in different ways. They may seem sad and depressed at first but the lack of attention in your relationship will open new doors for people to make their move on your partner. However, a partner who doesn’t feel wanted is vulnerable. A partner who has been neglected will give time and attention to new potential partner which leads to infidelity.

Pay close attention

Pay close attention to your partner’s behaviour towards you. There might be chances that they are already sending you signals that they need your attention in a relationship. Many couples separate because a partner is tired of begging for attention from their spouse! However, you can save your relationship by giving your partner enough attention.

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