What Is Quality Time?

Quality time is about enjoying time together as a couple, or with friends and loved ones. You spend time together as a couple to show your appreciation and affection for each other. This will increase the bond and intimacy levels in your relationship. Moreover, choosing to make time for each other in your relationship is the best thing you can do as a couple.

Reasons For Quality Time In Your Relationship…

Spending quality time with your partner is a valuable investment. As an individual, you dedicate yourself to another by spending enough quality time together. You nurture your relationship, build a high level of intimacy and also open the lines of communication which strengthens your connection to the other.

Stay Committed To Your Relationship!

Commitment is one of the foundations for any serious relationship. Being committed to your partner is all well and good… However, you need to stay committed through the good times and the bad times. Showing physical affection and intimacy is important, along with bring attentive to their needs and also spending enough time together. Always remain committed to nurturing your relationship and whatever you both may agree on, commit to it.

Do Not Distance Yourself From Each Other.

When you are always busy, stressed or distant from your partner, it becomes easy to avoid physical intimacy with one another. However, you should make a conscious effort to not forget… postpone…. or avoid physical affection! Physical affection is an expression of love that can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. However, with physical affection you may release oxytocin and dopamine. These hormones and neurotransmitters are responsible for the close feeling you have to your partner and for building trust and the feeling of happiness between you.

Things to do as couple when spending quality time:

  • Cooking together.
  • Try art together.
  • Dancing classes together.
  • Attend a concert.
  • Read romantic novels together.
  • Go for a night drive together.
  • Schedule a date.
  • Do sporting activities together.
  • Encourage and love each other.
  • Visit each other’s hometown.
  • Travel together and explore new landmarks.
  • Listen to a podcast or audio-book as a couple.
  • Plan a romantic night at home with movies.

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