Secrets And Privacy…

Keeping secrets in a relationship is a common trend these days but this can be destructive to both sides. There is a difference between privacy and secrets in a relationship. However, a partner can maintain the right to privacy, only if the topic they are keeping to themselves does not negatively affect the other partner in any way. Moreover, secrets in a relationship can negatively affect your well-being and the way you interact with each other as a couple. Secrets in a relationship can be related to infidelity, financial problems and not wanting to be judged.

Secrets And Romance…

When people keep secrets from a romantic partner they think more about the secret when they are alone than when they are with their partner. Keeping secrets from a spouse is connected to a lower relationship quality.

Why Do People Keep Secrets In Relationships?

Most partners keep secrets in their relationships because they fear their partners won’t be able to love them through the truth. However, most people believe that their partners would judge, shame and humiliate them after hearing the truth. Moreover, most relationships have already suffered damage in the form of restricted emotional communication and a continuation of lies.

Why Secrets Can Ruin A Relationship?

If you keep secrets in your relationship because you don’t want to face your responsibilities, this can create problems in the long run. The best decision is telling the truth and not harmful manipulation, this maybe key to your relationship survival.

Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship:

  • Jealousy.
  • Being selfish.
  • Not forgiving.
  • Half-listening.
  • Being dramatic.
  • Hiding addictions.
  • Focusing on faults.
  • Financial cheating.
  • Emotional cheating.
  • Being manipulative.
  • Comparing your relationship.
  • Not standing up for your partner

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