High cholesterol is not a disease, but if you have it, you are at risk for some serious health conditions. In addition high cholesterol can manifest with or without symptoms. The danger of this condition is that it clogs arteries. This results in a condition called Atherosclerosis, which consequently reduces blood flow and increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. The effects of high cholesterol in men are explored below as well as the risk factors.

The reduced blood flow caused by high cholesterol also has been linked to poor performance in men. Men with high cholesterol sometimes cannot get it up because they are not receiving enough blood flow down there. In addition an excess of cholesterol can lead to a complete blockage of the coronary artery, which can trigger a heart attack.

High Cholesterol Risk Factors Include:

Poor diet:

Eating saturated fat which is found in animal products, and Trans fats which is found in some commercially baked cookies and crackers, can raise your cholesterol level. Foods that are high in cholesterol, such as red meat and full-fat dairy products, will also increase your total cholesterol.


Having a body mass index (BMI) that is greater or abnormal puts you at risk of high cholesterol.

Large waist area:

Your risk increases if you are a man with a larger waist circumference

Lack of exercise:

Exercise helps boost your body’s good cholesterol while increasing the size of the particles that make up your bad cholesterol, thereby making it less harmful.


Cigarette smoking damages the walls of your blood vessels. As a result, making them likely to accumulate fatty deposits. Smoking may also lower your level of good cholesterol.


High blood sugar also damages the lining of your arteries. Consequently , high blood sugar contributes to higher bad cholesterol levels and lower good cholesterol.

High cholesterol and its blood flow-restricting mechanisms have long been seen as a factor in male dysfunction but also started to appear as culprits in female disorders.

Once cholesterol is determined to be the problem, doctors usually advise patients to seek dietary and lifestyle changes, such as eliminating saturated fat (found in fatty meat and eggs) from the diet, quitting smoking and increase exercise.

Men and women who believe high cholesterol may be affecting their intimate lives should consult a physician to rule out other causes. As soon as a man is diagnosed with ED, the first step is to seek professional medical advice. ED can be one of the first effects of high cholesterol in men.

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