Often times when you are in a relationship a crisis occurs. Things are no longer how they used to be. It might feel like the relationship has come to the end. There is almost no chance of the relationship surviving. No one has the guts to end it just yet. In other words it feels as if there a looming dark cloud hanging over your heads. However a relationship crisis can result in positive change.

Things have gotten so insecure that you lose all focus and are uncomfortable in the security of your relationship. There is too much negative energy that is consuming the both of you and it feels like nothing will ever be alright again.

You might have noticed these common signs of a relationship crisis:

  • It feels like it is about to fall apart
  • You have broken up, got back together and things aren’t working out
  • It feels like there is no future
  • You are fighting continuously
  • Each blames the other for the problems but nothing is resolved
  • You have no will to carry on but breaking up seems too hard
  • Someone cheated

Serious relationship crisis often will lead to a break up. This is normal, as couples start growing apart. They realize they are not suited to each other. Sometimes it ends amicably, but often there is a period of high emotions and intense negativity before both parties decide to call it quits.


In conclusion, some couples get through their relationship crisis and come back stronger. The crisis proves to be a chance for positive change. Both partners acknowledge the problems, recommit to each other and find a way to make it work.

If you are having a relationship crisis with your girlfriend right now, try to find the positive change. In addition, see if you can use the conflict as a catalyst for positivity.

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