Halitosis is commonly known as bad breath. Take a deep breathe now . . .


As the joke goes, halitosis is better than no breath at all! Except, of course, for the people you get close to. Unpleasant smelling breath, or halitosis, is quite common in healthy people, especially when waking up in the morning. However, for some people bad breath is a chronic problem, affecting their personal, business and social life.


The usual cause of halitosis is the breakdown of food remains, saliva and blood, by bacteria. This process of breakdown is that same as what causes food left out of the fridge to “go off”, and is known as putrefaction. The mouth contains large numbers of bacteria, which are even more common in dental plaque.

Other infections in the mouth, particularly gingivitis (infection of the gums), produce more bacteria and make halitosis worse. People with diseases of the liver or kidneys, diabetic complications or digestive problems may also have unpleasant breath as a result of their disease, but this is unusual.


The best way to treat and prevent halitosis is to clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly and often. This prevents plaque building up and to removes tiny food particles. Dental floss is a good way of cleaning the hard to reach places. Note, though, that mouthwash and breath fresheners are no substitute for good dental hygiene.

If you have halitosis also known as bad breath it may take a close friend to tell you. Visit your dentist and sort it out. If you dont the dental work needed can get out of hand.

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