Recent dietary guidelines have increased the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables from five to nine. Therefore, if you thought eating five a day was tough, you may feel overwhelmed by the increase. There are to many advantages of healthy eating to ignore this advice!


It isn’t as hard as it sounds. Here are a few tips for adding more of nature’s best into your diet:

Firstly, make a bowl of fruit salad using seasonal fruit and eat at least one bowl a day. Grate an apple over your cereal or snack on a handful of grapes. In addition have a bag of raisins in your car and buy a pack of mixed fruit and keep it at the office

Secondly, order a portion of veggies with your steak if you’re out for lunch. Keep raw veggies and a tasty dip in your fridge to snack on. You can also slice a tomato and eat it with your evening meal

Thirdly, if you must eat pizza, opt for a vegetarian. In addition have a small salad as a starter if you have to dine out.

Finally, go vegetarian at least once a week Remember that a serving is a portion that can fit into your hand – which means a regular sized bunch of grapes would be around two servings. Now you only have seven to go.


In conclusion if you are battling with healthy eating, see a dietician. They are, above all, trained to assist with such matters. Remember that healthy eating affects you for the rest of your life.

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