Exercise may sound like a dirty word to some, but it’s vital to your health and wellbeing. One of the easiest ways to get fit is walking, and getting yourself a pedometer may be just what you need to hike the path of fitness.

Get yourself some good walking shoes, clip on your pedometer and take some steps toward wellness. Initially, wear the pedometer to work to get a feel of how many steps you actually take a day. The goal is 10 000, so if you walk 2 000 or 3 000 a day at present, try to get it up by 500 in the next week.

Spend at least a week at that number of steps before increasing your goal again. If you still feel that it’s a strain to reach your goal, work at it another week before increasing. Improving your overall health and fitness is a gradual process, and taking things too quickly can lead to injury, so don’t increase your steps too quickly.

Here’s how to step it up:

Firstly, Walk in place or pace when on the phone. Get up during TV ads and walk around until your program begins again. In addition walk in place during the TV program.

Secondly, use a restroom further from your office or on a different floor. Use the stairs whenever you can and park further away than usual. Walk to a colleague’s office instead of using the phone or e-mail

Finally take a walk at lunch time and then eat at your desk Try to spread your walking out. You’ll find it difficult to continue and see fewer benefits if you sit most of the day and then try to get all your steps done at once. If your goal is 6 000 steps a day, you should have completed around 3 000 by early afternoon. Keeping yourself on track throughout the day will help prevent injury and keep you from feeling overwhelmed or disheartened.


In conclusion if you feel that exercise may sound like a dirty word you need to remember the long term benefits of exercise on your health.

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