Family Relationships 25 Facts To Avoid

  1. Becoming very busy at work to purposely avoid your family.
  2. Using alcohol or drugs to avoid sober conversations with certain family.
  3. Moving across the country to avoid your family situations.
  4. Only talking about sports or the weather or other unrelated topics.
  5. Canceling on people at the last minute to feel instant relief.
  6. Texting someone when you should probably call them.
  7. Avoiding listening to an important voicemail or text messages.
  8. Only talking about your kids when you talk with your spouse.
  9. Lying about your beliefs to avoid a disagreement. 
  10. Only seeing your family on duty visits.
  11. Asking someone lots of questions to avoid sharing about your own life.
  12. Ghosting a date instead of telling them you’re really not interested.
  13. Saying “I’m good,” “I’m fine,” “I’m OK,” etc. when you are really not.
  14. Changing the subject when you sense people are anxious.
  15. Not introducing yourself to co-workers who seem intense.
  16. Not initiating conversations with people who look different than you.  
  17. Avoiding talking to people who are sick or dying.
  18. Not talking about past family history that is anxiety-producing.
  19. Bringing up a difficult topic during the last two minutes of therapy.
  20. Not engaging in a conversation that is difficult but important.
  21. Turning on the television at family gatherings.
  22. Double booking so you have an easy out at a gathering.
  23. Planning non-stop activities to keep everyone busy.
  24. Assuming people aren’t interested in hearing about your passions.
  25. Minimizing your accomplishments to make others comfortable.

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