Types of Relationships You May Experience.

Every romantic relationship is different. Every person is unique and has a different quality to the relationship.  All romantic relationships may look the same, but they are totally different types of relationships because when you fall in love with someone, you can’t really predict the direction your relationship will take.

1. High School Sweetheart

The high school romance is the first love you will experience in your life. These feelings are new for both of you. You always want to be together, so excited to be in a relationship and you cannot keep your hands off of each other! This is a feeling you only get to experience once!

2. Toxic Relationship

This kind of a relationship leaves you emotionally and mentally exhausted. In this relationship, one of you has the upper hand and could even be abusive emotionally or physically. The person could make you stay in this relationship because they continuously tell you that they love you, but do not really show it. You need to get out of this relationship now!

3. Friends with Benefits Relationship

The two of you are friends but there is clear intimate attraction between both of you. Neither of you are dating. You decide to take it to another level and you cannot keep your hands off of each other! It is full of passion and love, so enjoy it while it lasts…

4. Long Distance Relationship

The two of you are so in love, but you have to concentrate on your career as well. Whether it is for further studies or a great job that you just cannot let go of, there is physical distance between you two. But always remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

5. Rebound Relationship

It is normal for a human being to want to feel needed and loved right after a break-up, so you just dive right into it. You may not be quite serious about it, but all you need is someone by your side or maybe to make your ex feel jealous.

6. Friends but Attracted to each other Relationship

You have been friends for ages, even your common friends wish the two of you to be in a relationship. Clearly, you guys are attracted to each other, but there is something holding you back. Just get together.

7. It’s Complicated Relationship

The trickiest of all relationships, this kind of a romance often includes the involvement of a third person. You do not know who you love more; hence, it’s complicated.

8. Pastime Relationship

You are not ready for a relationship, nor is he. But both of you find each other attractive. Neither of you is crazy in love, but you are convinced that it is not going to last long anyway.

9. On and Off Relationship

They make a mistake, you two break up, you make a mistake and you two break up again. Every time something or the other happens, both of you start an argument or a serious fight and the two of you break up. But it seems you cannot stay away from each other, so you end up being in a relationship all over again.

10. Meant to be Relationship

You two are soul mates. Both of you are imperfect beings in a perfect relationship. You are co-dependent, yet you give each other space too. You are emotionally and physically connected to each other and you have a mature and stable relationship. This is the one that will last forever…

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