Positive relationships

At the beginning of a relationship nothing is more fascinating to the couple than to learn about each other and negotiate the give and take of getting along. Long-term relationships can grow deeper and became more intimate. However, without some active attention a couple can go separate ways if a partner repeats the same behaviours and anticipate the same reactions from their spouse.

Misunderstandings always occurs in the relationships

Misunderstandings are the biggest problem in most relationships. Sometimes it can be solved easily. You just don’t know what it is exactly. It could be that she doesn’t feel loved. When you love someone you can easily take it for granted. But love is not something to think lightly about. Love is one of the most important things in life, because love brings families and people together.

Positive psychology

There is a lot of evidence shows that most couples who apply principles from positive psychology can enhance their relationships. Engaging in activities together as a couple may lead to more positive feelings for each other. Most couples who spent their time together may influence a healthy relationship.

Why is couple’s therapy so important for any relationship?

Couple’s therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a therapist with clinical experience in working with couples can assist the couples involved in a romantic relationship to understand their relationship issues or resolve conflict and improve satisfaction in their relationship. However, most therapists have a license to assist marriage and families. Marital counselling can also help couples who are married to identify problems or manage difficulties and improve their relationships.

Benefit of couple’s therapy

  • Increase intimacy or satisfaction and develop more romance in their relationship.
  • To co-operate more effectively in parenting children.
  • Support each other better in managing stress.
  • To manage daily arguments in a more peaceful manner.
  • Better resolve differences over major decisions whether to get married or have a child.
  • Manage primary conflicts in the relationship whether disagreement over money or the role of the in-laws.
  • To adjust to major changes that may occur in a relationship, whether expecting a baby or staying together.

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