1. Talk respectfully. Don’t make her feel like she is less important by the way you speak to her.
  2. Listen to her. Not just to the words she’s saying but to the feeling she is trying to express.
  3. Compliment her. Be specific, so she knows you really mean it.
  4. Show interest in the things she enjoys. Common interests lead to a stronger bond.
  5. Consider her opinion before making a decision. So let her know she does have a say in the decisions you both make together.
  6. Be forgiving. A better way to love someone is to forgive and forget. Don’t hold grudges because it will not improve your relationship.
  7. Plan a small trip. Take her to a place where you can spend quality time.
  8. Set goals together. Because having goals together will bring you closer.
  9. Admit your mistakes. Being open and honest, showing that you too are imperfect will make her feel closer to you.
  10. Have her back. If you get in a situation always take your woman’s side.
  11. When having conversations look her in the eyes. Show her that you are listening. Don’t lose focus.
  12. Spend as much time as possible with her. Make her feel like she is the most important person in the world.
  13.  Put effort into looking good. Workouts, shave, shower and make her feel attracted to you.
  14. Be supportive. So support her every time she shows you something she wants to do or that means a lot to her.
  15. If she says something is bothering her, don’t ignore it. Therefore talk about the small things that stay on her mind to avoid growing them into big things that are hard to solve.
  16. Work on yourself. Everyone changes over time. When she mentions some behaviour that she doesn’t appreciate show her you are trying to improve on it.
  17. Surprise her. Give her a lovely card or letter. Surprises are what keep your relationship alive.
  18. When in a relaxed state make her comfortable. Sit close or cuddle her and hold her hand.
  19. Be pro-active. If she notices that you are trying the best you can at all time, she will respect you for that.
  20. Show affection in public. Hold her hand, give her a kiss and hug her. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to show her you love her, even when people can see it.
  21. If are you going to be late than expected? So she won’t feel important if you won’t even let her know that you are late.
  22. Ask her what she’s insecure about. If you want to be the hero who helps her out.
  23. Refuse to compare her to others. She is your number one!
  24. She probably makes dinner for you every night… Why not let her relax while you clean up afterwards.
  25. If she’s feeling discouraged or hurt, hold her and tell her you love and care for her. She just needs to feel you.
  26. Brag about her. When she’s around and when she’s not around.
  27. Let her be free to say what’s on her mind. When she speaks from the heart don’t tell her feelings are not important.
  28. Explore who she is. Try to know more about her. Talk about every subject you can think about.
  29. Make her something. So don’t just buy gifts, create them.
  30. Take pictures with her. Ladies take a lot of pictures but they mean more when you do it.
  31. Call her cute names. So you don’t sound like a businessman by just using her name.
  32. Be strong enough to let her help you. When it comes to emotional things, you may need a little help. Let her help you.
  33. Don’t see her as weak, but as precious. Women are usually more emotional than men.
  34. Realize that she is like a gift. Every day of your life with her remember that she’s a gift in your life.
  35. Do the right thing and take action. When you both agree on something follow it through!
  36. Celebrate her accomplishments. If she did something let her know that you are proud of her!
  37. Tell her you love her! You can never say it often enough. Keep reminding her every day hour, minute that you love her!

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