Work and family life

Balancing your work and family life can be very difficult sometimes. Moreover, when you have children and a spouse. To balance work and family life may be one of the most common sources of stress for the working a couple. More people are finding it hard to sufficiently fulfil their roles for both home and the workplace. It is very challenging for a couple to be able to find a point of balance between their careers and their families. However, family counselling or family therapies are available to help a couple to have a functional family relationship.

Balance your work life and family

It is important to achieve your balance whether you work full time or part time. Balancing your work life and family life may prevent you as couple from failing your marriage or relationship along the way. Make an effort to visit a family therapist. Considering a therapist may help you as a couple to identify and address your work life and family balance.

Seek a professional for help

As a couple you may sometimes think you can balance work and family life challenges on our own. However, over time you might realise that there is no way for you to get things right if you only rely on your own perspective. It is important to visit a family therapist to address specific issues affecting your family and work life balance.

Get some help from friend or family

Let’s say you are a couple working on weekends. Communicate with your kids. Allow extended family members or friends to help you. Make sure these are the people you trust to handle your tasks like bringing your children to sports practices or picking them up from school.

Create boundaries between work and family

It is important for a couple to create boundaries between work and family. This means determining which actions are acceptable and unacceptable. Boundaries hold the line to protect our family from the distractions of work, as well as to protect our work from our family responsibilities.

Set family rules

For example, no one is allowed to use a cell phone at the dinner table. This will help your children to focus on the family and avoid taking work calls during dinner. As a couple you may also decide not to check emails while on vacation. So you can bond as a family!

Benefits of visiting a family counsellor

  • Developing healthy boundaries.
  • Improving communication.
  • Defining someone’s role within the family.
  • Improving family dynamics and relationships.
  • Providing strength and coping tools for family members.
  • Addressing dysfunctional interactions.
  • Improving the family’s problem-solving abilities.
  • Adapting to a major change.
  • Developing a functional and healthy relationship following a divorce
  • Family counselling may also help by resolving conflicts between siblings.
  • Counselling may also help couples dealing with inconsistent parenting.
  • Family counselling may also help people with marital problems.
  • It may also help people with mental health issues.

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