Second chance

Let’s say you want to give your ex partner a second chance? You want to renew the relationship you had with them. And this time, you want it to be better, healthier and everlasting. However, by giving your ex partner a second chance it means you still have hopes that whatever happened in the past doesn’t happen again. As hard as it might be you must try to show each other the patience you both need to adapt to the new realities of your relationship. Ask yourself some questions! What if the old patterns and behaviours don’t just stop? Be careful on how you go about fixing a relationship that was clearly broken before!

Advice for second chance relationship success…..

Only do it if it’s possible to do so

Recommit to this relationship again. However, you may have some doubts or fears about it. Moreover, you need to do everything you can to make this relationship work out. Keep in mind that your health comes first, if you find yourself suffering in this relationship again. Then you have closure! Don’t ever try to fix it.

Communication is key

Good communication is important in any relationship. However, good communication is more vital in second chance relationships. Remember, something went wrong the first time round! The best way to work through whatever this was is to talk to your partner. Moreover, you need to communicate regularly and be honest about how you both feel.

Considering second chance

It is not easy to give your ex partner a second chance if she has in the past put her friends and hobbies before your quality time. However, one of the conditions you may consider when giving your ex partner a second chance might be a number of dedicated things you used to do together. Moreover, you used to do evenings, date nights or weekends where you spend time just the two you.

Address all irresolvable issues

Whatever it is, you need to work out your issues and find a way to deal with them. However, you might have been experiencing relationships issues, such as a lack of trust between you as couple. Moreover, this occurs because of lies or betrayal of some kind or the loss of the physical element of your relationship.

Set healthy boundaries

Whatever boundaries you feel you need to set for your relationship to succeed the second time around, do so and make it clear what those boundaries are so that there isn’t any confusion. However, you might not want to allow other people to discuss your relationship or you don’t want your private affairs shared with their friends or family.

Consider the help of neutral third party (Relationship counsellor)

Remember, a relationship counsellor is a professional trained to listen with empathy and expertise regarding your relationship and individualised challenges. However, counsellors may help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings or provide objective guidance towards your personal and relationship growth.

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