Romantic times

Whether couples are on their honeymoon or simply spending a weekend away together, there are many endless opportunities for special moments. You can get the luxury travel advisor experience. Remember, there are beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls around places of entertainment you can visit. However, you can even find new experiences in the big cities. It is nice to get away from the crowds and spend some time outdoors with plenty of convenient restaurants and great spots for a picnic.

Planning for a romantic holiday

You can plan a weekend away for a vacation depending on the time of year you want to go. However, summer is the most popular time to go for vacation. Though, some couples prefer going out for vacation during spring. During your holiday visit make sure the weather is favourable for you, to avoid up normal weather. Take only the necessary things you need for your vacation. Moreover, every season has unique activities and there is always plenty to do indoors when the weather outside is not ideal.

Romantic tips

  • Cook dinner.
  • Set up a sunset picnic.
  • Give your partner a full-body massage.
  • Add some dark chocolates to your snack.
  • Read novels together.
  • Prepare strawberries with fondue chocolate.
  • Leave little love notes everywhere.
  • Send love emails every day.
  • Take a walk on the beach together.
  • Go out and watch a new romantic movie.
  • Enjoy your wine carefully.
  • Take a bath together.
  • Prepare warm chocolate cake for dessert.
  • Ride horses together as couple.
  • Slow dance to romantic music.
  • Take a couples photo shoot together.
  • Kiss her slowly, touch her back and neck slowly.
  • Make a list of everything you love about her.
  • Write a love letter for her.
  • Make video clips to show appreciation.
  • Always look good for your partner.
  • Take some quiet time and talk about your day.
  • Paint each other with flavoured body paint.
  • Always remind your partner that you love them.
  • Have dinner on the roof top and add some candles.
  • Hold hands and walk somewhere with lots of pretty lights.
  • Say I love you with different actions every day.
  • Declare your love in public.

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