Worldwide most couples are going into debt to pay for their weddings. You don’t have to be one of them! However, there are many cheap ways to plan for an affordable wedding. Your marriage is about your love and your partnership and the beginning of your new love life. Remember the more expenses you cut off from your wedding the more you will live happily ever after. Moreover, even if you don’t have a large budget for your wedding, you can still host a fun and memorable celebration at an affordable wedding venue.

The cheapest way to get married in South Africa

The quickest way to get married in South Africa is to find a Marriage Officer, make an appointment and let them take care of the rest. A Marriage Officer can come to your home or venue or you may go to the Marriage Officer. The cheapest way to get married is at Home Affairs and free. However there is no flexibility in terms of when. They will determine the date and time you will get married.

Required documentation if both are South Africans

  • Copies of Ids.
  • ID (passport) photos for both.
  • Divorce decree (if applicable).

If both are non-South Africans

  • Copies of Passport (picture page and visa page).
  • ID (passport) photos for both.
  • Divorce decree (if applicable).
  • Letter of non-impediment from home country stating marital status.

Tips for planning a wedding

  • Pick a theme.
  • Establish a budget.
  • Create a checklist.
  • Set the date.
  • Book a venue.
  • Make your guest list.
  • Choose your wedding party.
  • Build an online gift registry.
  • Draft the seating arrangements.
  • Find your dream wedding dress.
  • Choose your bridal party’s attire.
  • Set a wedding day schedule.
  • Buy wedding rings.
  • Get your marriage certificate.

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