Gifts in a relationship

Gifts are a way to show appreciation, which is essential in a relationship. Your partner needs to know that you appreciate them. However, we all know how great the feeling of receiving a gift can be but think about how we feel when you are the one giving the gift! Moreover, we may feel joy seeing the recipient’s reaction or feel loved when the recipient expresses gratitude. 

Healthy relationships and giving

Healthy relationships are designed to be a give and take. Both partners working together to provide support, encouragement and compassion during times of challenge, sadness or problems.

Giving is important

It turns out that gift giving is an important part of human psychology. However, when you give, you also receive more physically, mentally and spiritually. Acts of kindness and gift of giving are important for many different reasons such as improving mental health, increasing happiness and lifespan. Moreover, it is scientifically-proven that giving may improve your mental health, increase happiness and lifespan.

Gifts show love and care

We choose the person we love, not just because we have fallen in love with them but also because we have seen ourselves growing old with this person. You can show care by giving gifts to your partner to indicate how you wish to be treated as well. Therefore, if you never give your partner anything, naturally, they will seem sad and depressed. The lack of attention in your relationship will make your partner feel unappreciated and open new doors for people to make their move on your partner.

Not getting anything

A person who gets no attention from their partner is most likely to react in different ways. If your partner never gives you anything in your relationship it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about you or they are not thoughtful. Moreover, your partner might not think gifts matters to you! It is your responsibility as a partner to send your significant other a signal indicating your love language.

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